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Indirect Calorimetry

Indirect Calorimetry at Advanced Internal Medicine

Advanced Internal Medicine has a comprehensive system of care for patients that incorporates complete patient care. Our focus is not just on curing symptoms but on solving the root cause of your health problems. And for that, we have got all the necessary diagnostic tools and effective treatments so that you can have full control of your health.


One such progressive instrument is indirect calorimetry, which has made metabolic challenges solvable in a non-invasive way. Whatever your goal, indirect calorimetry can provide you with helpful tools, whether it is weight loss, acceleration of sports performance, or dealing with a health condition that impacts metabolism. Additionally, we combine this state-of-the-art equipment with our extensive expertise to customize an individualized treatment program that works for you.
indirect calorimetry test
indirect calorimetry test diagnosis

What is Indirect Calorimetry?

Indirect calorimetry, a safe and painless test, can measure your body’s resting metabolic rate (RMR). This is the minimum amount of energy your body needs for basic functions at rest, such as breathing and blood circulation. It is a straightforward way to gain valuable insights into your health.


To carry out this test, one requires a metabolic cart that includes a computer, a breathing mask, and a blood pressure cuff. The test measures exhaled carbon dioxide and oxygen levels. The computer than calculates your RMR by analyzing these respective gasses, expressed in calories per hour or day.

Benefits of Indirect Calorimetry

Indirect Calorimetry has numerous benefits:

Weight Management

To correctly determine your RMR, you will get the number of calories you should  start your new diet with. The significance: You can plan and modify your meals according to your needs to effectively lose or gain weight.

Nutritional Guidance

Indirect Calorimetry can tell if there are any problems related to macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats). This information is useful in creating a diet that supports metabolism and helps you achieve goodquality health outcomes.

Metabolic Disorders

Indirect calorimetry is necessary to diagnose thyroid diseases. A discrepancy between BMR and its average value could be one way of testing whether you have thyroid issues.

Sports Performance

In most cases, athletes can get the best results during training through indirect calorimetry. For instance, the number of calories needed for people on specific diets with certain health issues can be calculated using their basal metabolic rate (BMR) values. 

Surgical Planning

Major surgeries require indirect calorimetry,which helps establish patients’ nutritional needs for healing after surgery.

How is Indirect Calorimetry Performed at Advanced Internal Medicine?

The indirect calorimetry test at Advanced Internal Medicine is simple and takes approximately 30 minutes. Here’s what you can expect:
The participant should refrain from engaging in vigorous activity for at least 3 hours before the test. Abstain from eating or drinking (except water)for 2 hours before the test. 
While reclining in a temperature-regulated room, a competent technician will position a lightweight mask on your face near your nose and mouth. While wearing the mask, you can continue to inhale and exhale as the gas analyzer measures the gasses inhaled and exhaled. 
Resting Phase:
The test involves sitting comfortably in a relaxed position for roughly 20-30 minutes. It is important to reduce body movements during this period to get accurate measurements.  
After the test, the healthcare provider will analyze the data acquired from the metabolic cart. Afterward, you will explore your RMR results and how they relate to your health objectives and any conditions you might suffer.

Safety Considerations

Indirect calorimetry is a safe and well-understood test. However, it may only be suitable for some. Your healthcare provider at Advanced Internal Medicine will discuss any potential limitations based on your health conditions.

Why Choose Advanced Internal Medicine for Indirect Calorimetry?

We at Advanced Internal Medicine pride ourselves on offering the most advanced diagnostic tools and personalized treatment for your needs.
Experienced Healthcare Providers:
We have in place a team of qualified healthcare experts with significant experience in the interpretation of metabolic studies.
Advanced Technology:
We rely on innovative and state of the art equipment for precise and valid measurements.
Comprehensive Care:
We consider the data from indirect calorimetry to assess your health status as a whole and create a personalized treatment protocol.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if I feel claustrophobic during the test?

The mask utilized in indirect calorimetry is lightweight and permits normal breathing. Nevertheless, if you have claustrophobia, do not hesitate to express this to the test technician. They can adjust its fitting for more comfort and provide you with some relaxation techniques that will help control any anxiety that might come your way.

2. How often should I get an indirect calorimetry test?

The frequency of indirect calorimetry testing depends on your needs and health goals. For weight management, it can be repeated periodically to track progress and adjust your plan as needed. For metabolic disorders, testing may be done initially and then at intervals determined by your healthcare provider. Discuss the optimal testing schedule with your doctor at Advanced Internal Medicine.

3. What are the costs associated with indirect calorimetry in Advanced Internal Medicine?

The cost of indirect calorimetry can vary depending on your insurance coverage. Our staff can verify your benefits and provide an estimated cost before scheduling the test. We also offer flexible payment options to ensure this valuable tool is accessible to all our patients.

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